About Megh

I, Megh Roy Choudhury, am a Wildlife Photographer based in Kolkata. I am the Editor-in-chief of India’s one of the most prestigious Wildlife Magazines ‘WILD SOJOURNS MAGAZINE”, I am also a Canon EOS explorer and Zeiss influencer. I am professionally an academician. I am also a Blogger, Traveller, Philanthropist, Conservationist and Critique.

I started my tryst with nature in 2009. Although I started as a herpetologist, photographing birds was the principal area of my interest from 2012 onwards. But again slowly I got interested in smaller cats and mammals, especially Red Panda. My Red Panda images have bagged lots of international prestigious recognitions, like publication in BBC Wildlife Magazine, Cover of Sanctuary Asia et al. I have also  Conducted various workshops, seminars and Webinars on  Wildlife Photography and conservation. I have also judged some very prestigious photography competitions.  It is my firm belief that photographic documentation of these beauties will arouse an ardent public interest in nature conservation. 

My journey into Wildlife Journalism started as the Editor-in-chief of “Wild Sojourns Magazine”, an online magazine dedicated to wildlife, nature and conservation. The current readership is around 25000 all over the World and is growing every day. All issues are available for free download at https://wildsojourns.com.  

I am a Director at WildSojourns Admodum LLP, a dedicated organization that specializes in nature, wildlife, and conservation. Whether we are conducting wildlife research, advocating for conservation policies, or creating educational initiatives, we are committed to promoting harmony between humans and the natural environment. One of our initiatives is the WildSojourns Nature Awards, an international nature and wildlife photography competition that aims to raise awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation and honour the exceptional work of talented wildlife photographers. Additionally, we host a three-day annual WildSojourns Nature Festival, where national and international wildlife photographers and nature enthusiasts come together to participate in workshops, film screenings, talk shows, and a photography exhibition. It is a mega event that provides a platform for photographers and enthusiasts to connect and celebrate nature through photography.

I also manage a Facebook group in the name of “Wild Sojourns Magazine Group” with a membership strength of about 37000. We also run various competitions in the Group with the help of our Sponsors. Group link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/524156214416700/?ref=share

I am incessantly working for wildlife photography which has earned me respect and love among my peers. As a result, I have quite a significant number of followers on Facebook which is more than 16000 along with 5000 friends. My Facebook profile link is https://www.facebook.com/megh.roychoudhury.  I have joined Instagram recently. I currently have more than 17000 followers which are increasing day by day. My Instagram link is https://instagram.com/meghroychoudhury?igshid=1i81cgts7tggx

According to me, change is a natural process so instead of resisting it, one should try to change the photographic perspective in accordance with the development of natural resources. So I have now decided to be more versatile in Wildlife Photography. I am at present experimenting with different perspectives of wildlife photography specifically shooting actions/moments, habitat, wide angle, macro and videos. Capturing the denizens of nature in the form of videography is a part of my ongoing experiments in which I want to excel. 

Many of my works have been featured and published in various National and International publications and books. It’s a matter of pride for me that one of my Profile images has been put up as one of the ICONS on the website of MACAULAY LIBRARY (a part of The CORNELL LAB), which is the world’s premier scientific archive of natural history audio, video and photographs. As a wildlife enthusiast, my main aim is to make people aware of the importance of conserving Mother Nature and her beautiful denizens which will create a better world with a peaceful coexistence. For me it is – Conserve or Perish.